South African Fishing Flies

Posted on Fri August 7, 2020.

Not long ago, Peter Brigg and Ed Herbst came up with a brilliant concept for a book on South African Flies.

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Exploring new waters

Posted by Annabelle on Thu January 2, 2020 in Fly Fishing South Africa.

It's amazing looking back over the years, to see that the last significant rain we had was in October 2017 - 80mm in 3 days! The drought has had some other interesting consequences though...

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Another one bites the dust!

Posted by Annabelle on Wed December 4, 2019 in Fly Fishing South Africa.

And dusty it is! The year is almost over, the drought continues, but that encourages us to find new and exciting fly fishing opportunites!

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The year flies by...

Posted on Sun November 18, 2018.

Its amazing how quickly this year has flown by.  They say the older you get, the quicker it goes...well, this is not good news, we must be getting really old!

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Snail Trail

Posted by Alan on Thu September 13, 2018 in Fly Fishing South Africa.

Freshwater snails are one of the most consistent food sources available to fish, but one of the most underfished imitations used by flyfishers.

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