• Duracell Jig, winter fly patterns by Alan Hobson, Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo

Fly Patterns

Fly patterns developed and refined by Alan Hobson.

Alan is constantly innovating, developing and improving fly patterns, which makes a page on his fly patterns extremely difficult.  It also means that it is out of date every time he comes back from a fishing water with a new idea!

Please give him a call, and tell him when and where you're fishing, so that he can make suggestions on the best flies to try to ensure success.

A couple of links to help you out of  fly patterns that have been developed by Alan based on his many hours of observation at the water's edge:

Please note that a lead time of up to 4 weeks may be required should you order flies that are not currently in stock.  Please check with Alan if you have a specific deadline for your flies.

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Please note that colours and designs may vary slightly from the pictures on the website.