Bankberg Trout Fisher's Club

The Bankberg Trout Fisher's Club stocks a number of waters in the Somerset East and Cradock areas. This includes both still water and river fishing.

Should you want to fish the Bankberg waters, arrangements must be made with the Club Chairman, Alan Hobson.  Even if you stay at a farm that offers fishing, the Club must be informed when and where you will be fishing, if the waters are stocked by the Club.  Please note that generally, you will need a vehicle with high clearance to get to the waters.

  • A rod and gate fees of R 300 per angler per day are payable to the Club.  Arrangements to fish any of the waters must be made prior to your visit, with Alan Hobson at the Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo Tackle Shop in Somerset East.
  • Whilst we do encourage catch and release, your rod fee entitles you to keep two fish per day - note that this is per day and not per dam.  Also note the waters that are catch and release only below.
  • Catch returns must be submitted to the Club, even if nothing is caught.  
  • Please respect the catch limits per water.  This is imperative to the management of the waters in the area.
  • Fly fishing only.  
  • No fires.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Contact email: bankberg[at]gmail[dot]com

Glen Avon Farm - Mill and Vlei Dams are stocked with trout and are accessible to day visitors with valid permits.  Vlei Dam is best suited for kickboats.  Fly Fishing only in Mill and Vlei dam.  Spinning tackle is allowed to fish for the bass in Grandfathers Dam.

Charlton Dams - The Charlton Dam and the Kliphuis Dam are accessible to day visitors with a valid permit.

Mountain Dam - only accessible to day visitors with a valid permit if accompanied by a Club member.  This is the Club's premier water, where natural hatches of Caddis and Mayfly produce spectacular rises.  Access to the dam is with a Club member only, the water is not open to day visitors.

Glen Avon Falls - only accessible to day visitors with a valid permit if accompanied by a Club member.  Fly fishing in the pools in the Naudes River and the Waterfall Pool is only permissible if accompanied by a member of the Club.  Catch and release only.  Strict catch limits apply to this water.  Please confirm these with the Chairman before your visit.

Buffelshoek / Little Fish River - Club members only

Karreebosch Dam - Club members only

Grootkom Dam and Pauls River - Club members only

Club rules are available from the Chairman at: bankberg[at]gmail[dot]com.