Personalised tours

Besides the Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo, and the basic activities that you can experience, Alan and Annabelle can personalise tours for you, taking you around and sharing their local knowlege with you.  Visit the A&A Adventures website for more details on these awesome tours.

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Walter Battiss Art Museum

Walter Battiss was born in Somerset East and lived here until he was 11. He always had a soft spot for Somerset and when he died, he left his private works to “the town of Somerset East”.  He is generally considered to be the foremost South African abstract artist. A visit to Somerset East is not complete if you have not visited the Art Museum! For more information on Battiss visit the www.walterbattisart.co.za.


Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo Experience

Come spend the day fly fishing with Alan Hobson and enjoy a hosted Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo experience.

The experience includes transport to the fishing waters and fishing with Alan Hobson.  Alan will assist to get you started to fish the waters in the Somerset East area, and fish with you during the day.

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The trails on the Boschberg Mountain are also perfect for short hikes.  Various farms in the area also offer hiking trails, and a visit to the Waterfall on the Naude's river is almost a spiritual experience. 

Just to chill

For the more leisurely days, take a stroll around town to enjoy the architecture, and visit the Somerset East museum.  The Blue Lizzard is always great for lunch, and the interesting gift shop will inspire you.  Ladies (or gents) can also arrange spa treatments for a little me time, but please ask your hosts to arrange an appointment ahead of time.


Over 30 km of single track mountain bike routes have been cut into the Boschberg mountain.  The starting point for the routes is at the Boschberg Tourism Hub buildings. The routes are maintained by the development riders in the area. Bring your own bike and experience the beautiful surroundings!

Bird watching

As this is a meeting place for most of South Africa's natural biomes, it comes as no surprise that roughly 320 species of birds occur in this area, making it one of the richest places for birding in the Eastern Cape. Whether you're out in the countryside or relaxing at the Angler & Antelope in town, you're bound to see a whole range of different birds.