• Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo, Fly Fishing for Trout in South Africa, Picture by Jess

One last fishing trip

Posted on Tue March 30, 2021.

Grant and Jess recently discovered the joys of fly fishing in the Karoo. Unfortunately, they discovered it not long before they were set to emigrate.

Grant and Jess decided to do one last fishing trip before they emigrated, and we were just too happy to be able to do a check up on one of the waters that are further afield.

The Kareerbosch dam is quite amazing; it grows trophy sized trout in two years.  Yes, you read that right, from fingerlings to trophies in just two short years.  They grow at around 200 grams per month!  The food in this dam is just incredible, and the growth in the fish is testament to that.  They only problem is, this water is in the Karoo, and the Karoo, is a semi desert.  In a desert, when the rains stay away for a couple of years, the farmers have to use the water they have to irrigate lands to feed the livestock, so sometimes the fish lose out.  But when there are good rains, and the dams remain full, man, you can really have some fun.

On this particular occasion, we took a chance and stocked the dam in 2020, despite the drought not really being broken.  You never know though, it's always a gamble.  You have to take the chance and stock, so that the fish have a chance to grow in the waters if the rains do come.  The waters were quite low, but it was an amazing day!

Both Grant and Jess managed to catch quite a few, but the best part was that it was a complete family outing, with no-one else around, you get to really enjoy the surroundings, do a little bit of birding, or just relax and rejuvenate, ready to tackle the rest of the year, and the big move that they had ahead of them.

*Some of the pictures were supplied by Jess, she's an incredible photographer!